About this Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to "Matt's Photos". I see this blog as being a sister blog to my main blog, "Keepers Blog" (wow, that's a lot of blogs in one sentence!)

I hope this blog is looked upon is as an unofficial BWC Blog, although done by me... who also does the official one...

OK... How about the BWC Keepers Blog Extra?, or BWC Blog Unsprung?, or BWC Blogcast?

Hopefully you get the idea.

This blog will be a place for me to mainly share some of my extra photos. I have had some people ask to see more, and thought it may be something that interests more of you, but don't want to clog up the BWC Blog with more photos and keep that purely for news from the Centre.

Photographing in bluebells - by Meg Buckland

This blog is where I will post extra photos behind the stories on the main blog, more photos that I take around the Centre but not necessarily linked to a story on the main blog, share stories from the Centre that may not be thought of as interesting for the majority,  share other peoples photos that I particularly like (and with their permission of course) and generally share anything else I think some of you may enjoy, but not suited for the main blog.

The photos I post will be some of my favourites I take from around the BWC and photos of unusual things that perhaps you would rarely see else where... thanks to my advantage of working at the BWC.

Hope you enjoy the photos posted here, feel free to comment on any of them, and please do check out the BWC Keepers Blog if you haven't yet done so to keep up with all the news from around the BWC!

All photographs within this blog will have been taken by me, unless otherwise stated. I hope you enjoy looking at them.


  1. Dear Matt
    I think your pictures are beautiful. I´m working at the Dutch Hedgehog and Red Squirrel Carecentre. We are all volonteers and have only little income. I think you recognise the situation. It will be the same in England. I saw your beautiful photograph of the red squirrel in the snow. We sent with Christmas a christmascard to thank our donators. We would love to use this picture on the card. Would you gave us permission to use one time this picture for this Christmascard? We would be very thankful and off course put under the card Copyright Matt Binstead and your blog if you want us to do so. Please let me know. We are a bit in a hurry because we have about 200 hedgehog in our centre now, so it´s very busy and we are a bit late with preparing the card. You can read about us on www.egelbescherming.nl and www.eekhoornopvang.nl. And you can write back, please do!, on info@egelbescherming.nl to Jenny KLeve. Thank you very much. With kind regards. Jenny