Camera Gear

For most of you, feel free to ignore, but for those of you that have asked here is a list of the equipment I currently use:

 - Nikon D500

 - Nikon D300s

 - Nikon 70-200VR II f/2.8

 - Nikon 16-85VR f/3.5

 - Nikon 10.5 Fisheye f/2.8

 - Nikon 105 Macro f/2.8

 - Nikon 80-400VR f/4.5

 - Samsung NX1

 - Samsung 16-50 'S' Class f/2.8

 - Canon G16

 - iPhone 5s


  1. Matt, I love your photos! I'm a macro photographer (as well as the family chronicler) here in PA/ NY, USA. You've made me more aware of having to be patient! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017!

  2. Foto meravigliose!!