Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hibernating Dormouse

I have been behind at work recently, so lack of time for photography has continued... however I do have a new camera! and so motivation is high to try and get out there and use it. Hopefully as the evenings get longer, and the new seasons arrive.

We did have some filming going on last week here at the Centre though, dormice were top of their list, and we very VERY rarely do anything with them, so I made sure I had a camera on hand to take advantage too.

They wanted hibernating dormice, and we obliged with one... Above in a set we created, later decorated with other bits like oak leaves etc.

Carefully twisting him around so he was facing up...

And then delicately moving his tail to one side so that you could see his face.

Theres only so much you can do with a sleeping dormouse, especially with a film crew around and in the time we limited them too, but I managed to get a few I was really happy with.

Even a little bit of sun came out near the end.

photo by Meg Buckland

And here you can see just how small they are, when in my hand to show the scale.

photo by Meg Buckland

Adorable aren't they?.. The professional sleeper.

Thanks for looking :-)