Sunday, 19 November 2017


A few more hedgehog photos from a couple of weeks a go in the autumn leaves. Hugo, above and below, is an absolute pro at this modelling lark. He knows the angles and looks that people go for :-) Above was used by Springwatch's instagram last week.

This hedgehog above is a little darker, and a little littler... He is a youngster that came to us after being hand reared. Mr T is a real character, and loves a nice bite... takes after our old Gnasher. Another great one for photography though, as you can see. Not shy of the camera at all.

This is my favourite from him, but unfortunately it is out of focus. It works well enough for small size and thumbnails, but that is all. Shame as I like the composition and the leaf that fell on him while we were photographing.

Thanks for looking :-)