Friday, 15 December 2017

Mice and Voles

Our mice and voles are often overlooked for photography, and you can understand why. They are not as reliable as many of our other animals in terms of when they come out and are active. They are a lot shyer, and will run for cover quicker if disturbed. The conditions, photography wise, are difficult.

We avoided the local snow last week, but had a couple of days of heavy rain instead. We used this time to re set the mice and vole enclosures, and while they were settling I managed to take a few pictures.

Nothing special, but some nice record shots for the files. It was dark, very dark, and the mice and voles rarely stay still... this led to a lot of blurry pictures to sort through. But I was quite happy with these ones.

And while photographing, I had a visitor come and watch... when I finished, she flew off again.

Thanks for looking :-)