Friday, 21 September 2018

Brown Rats

After the few photos of black rats I took a few weeks a go, I realised I don't really have any of our brown rats. Although seen in the feed station and overhead tubes often, they are quite shy in their main display area... so I went over late one night to see them all active. The problem with this is it was very dark, even with the light on in the enclosure, I was photographing at a VERY high iso.

These are the best I could manage, and are very noisy due to the iso, but I am pretty pleased with them. I will have to try again another night, and see if I can add some artificial light to help.

While there, I took a couple of our black rats again. They really are so much prettier than the brown rat. Due to the late night, not as good as the ones I got a few weeks a go, but nice record shots non the less. 

I quite like this one, and was trying to get his shadow on the boarding behind him too. Bit more work required with this one but nearly what I had in mind.

And checking on our other little mice and voles, our shy wood mice were very active. It was even darker in the hedgerow, but I managed a couple of nice portraits, even if they are very grainy.

Thanks for looking :-)