Friday, 1 June 2018


Lot's of owlets this year for us at the Centre. Just a few pics for you here. Above are two tawny owls on the right, and a little owl on the left.

Our long eared owls have been very successful for a number of years. Three more chicks so far this year in their first clutch, including this one above who had a quick photo shoot before heading off to Nescot College.

Our tawny owls bred for the first time this year, but unfortunately it was soon apparent that the mother wasn't sure what she was doing. We had to take them a lot earlier than we normally would to hand rear them, but they are now looking really good.

Another successful year for our little owls too. We have bred them a few times before, but this is the first time in back to back years they have hatched out a clutch of chicks. 4 this time, two of which will stay at the Centre.

Our owlets are being reared by the keepers, who get to take them home at night to make sure they have company and stay friendly. 

And one little chick that didn't hatch out here, but was donated to us to rear for our flying team. A Barn owl being hand reared by keeper Tom.

Thanks for looking :-)