Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Black Rats

Our black rats are very difficult to photograph. They can be quite shy, and scurry off quickly if you make any sudden moves or get too close to them, unless they are in their feeding area or over head run... but either of these areas are not that great for taking pictures.

I did go in to the enclosure with them one morning for a few minutes, and after they got used to me being in there I did get a chance to take a few photos, but it was VERY dark. I was quite pleased with these ones though.

Thanks for looking :-)

Monday, 6 August 2018

Photo Update

Here are some photos from the last few months. Only record shots really, nothing special, but thought some of you may like to see them.

A couple of photos of a swan with her cygnets. First time she hatched any out on our reserve, and got lucky one morning that she happened to be bringing them by while I was on the boardwalk with my camera.

One of our wild harvest mice that we released out on to our reserve.

Photographing our deer calves, and they all stuck together or with the females except for this little one. He stayed with the boys!

Thought it was quite funny how they were together, bit like he wanted to be one of the big deer... and it was even him who ended up leading the older stags back to the group. A master stag in the making perhaps.

One of out water voles on our display island.

Two new ravens are now in our care at the Centre. This is their aviary. They perch up high, and have a nice outlook over the whole of the deer park, most of the Centre, and half of the nature reserve too.

It really is quite impressive, as you walk down to the owl aviaries you can see the ravens perched high above in their aviary.

Huginn (below) and Muninn (above) named after Norse god Odin's ravens.

Stanley Brown, one of our three badger cubs hand reared and given to us. Starting to come out while the public are around and still nice and friendly.

And his two clan mates in a tunnel they use to keep cool in. Oreo and Humbug being shy behind.

Thanks for looking :-)