Sunday, 22 June 2014

Evening Pics from (20/21).06.2014


If you haven't already, have a look at the main blog (linked above in the tabs) for new about our new litter of polecat kits which have just started showing themselves. I took the pictures of them a couple of evenings ago, and the ones you see are the only semi decent ones I got, but while out I took a few off some of the other animals too. Big Tom, Lucy and Meg joined me on Friday for some photography.

Above is Franklin, our otter cub, who must be close to ten months old now. When mature enough we will move him in to the centre pond and possibly find him a mate.

Franklin the Otter

Another of Franklin, and another of him with his mouth open. A playful thing he does occasionally when with the others. You can see how nice the light was, with some of the grass reflecting off his upper lip.


This is Cormac, one of three kittens born to Iona last year. You can see how he has matured over the last few months in particular. Difficult to make a wildcat look "wild" unless it is snarling, but sometimes you can just get that look in the eyes which gives it away as wild animal. We were very lucky to get some nice warm light during our evening on Friday.


This is Frodo, an old boy now, and aurally the most photographed fox in the world... see his photo all over the internet. He is currently on the Epsom ink cartridge packaging and advertising the Daily Mail British Wildlife Photo Competition (ironically, as they are not allowing images of animals in captivity to be entered!)

Susie the Stoat

Yesterday evening I stayed behind to do a little photography on my own. I wanted brilliant sunshine for what I was after, but alas it disappeared by 5ish. Still, the light was good, and my first call was my new favourite girl (well, after Bonnie), our new stoat.

I am really after a photograph of her, or any stoat, where you can see the tail to show the difference between a stoat and a weasel tail. This is very difficult to do though... The above photo I like, and if the tail was in view, then thats the kind of thing I want. The closest I got where the two below.


Not great, but at least its something.


I prefer the pose in this one, but the tail is even less obvious... although still there. More practicing required. I'll get there one day.

Biscuit the Fox

I think we all, myself included, often forget the other animals not involved with the keeper talks... photographically speaking of course, they are all cared for equally.

I went in with Jake and Lilly, our otters, who were great fun. I didn't get any photos as I was too busy laughing to myself and playing with Jake... I haven't done that for a good year, and realised how much I missed it. I will get some of him soon though to show you.

Above is one of our oldest foxes, Biscuit, looking a little worse for wear at the moment due to age and moulting.

Ellis the Fox

And these photographs, above and below, are of Ellis... a young cub we had brought in which was reared by an former keeper Katie. Isn't he handsome? I mean, he's no Frodo, but then who is? (Sorry Katie :-) )

Wide Angle of Ellis

Thanks for looking

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