Monday, 28 July 2014

Harvest Mice

Harvest Mouse

I have had little time recently to go out with my camera, but I am keen to keep this blog active so will try to do a new post at least once a week... this may mean sharing older photos to fill in the gaps though.

These ones are not too old, take a month ago or so now. A second shoot with the harvest mice. I preferred the ones I got on my first go, which can be seen int he archives of this blog, but a couple of these ones are quite nice.


Peeking through the stems of the corn.

In the Shadows

This little mouse preferred to stay in the middle of the corn, and so stayed in the shadows making it harder to get.


When he did start exploring he really showed of his agility.

Peeking from Corn

These two are probably my favourites of that night. Peeking from the corn above, and a nice softly back lit one below.

Micro Mouse

A simple portrait, and the pose is not great, but the lighting just lifts it.

Who you calling small!

And a little something different. Not sure if I like this one or not really,  but you got to try different things.

Thanks for looking.

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