Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Adder Neonate

Just a quick update... Unfortunately I have had very little time lately to get out there with the camera, apart from the odd one or two snaps for work. It has been very hectic at the BWC, which is great of course, plus I have been and am working on a few little projects for work and my photos. I will bring news of them when they are complete.

I have had quite a few people ask about snow photos, so I will do a post with a few of those in a week or so. 

I also wrote a blog post for "Foto-Buzz" the other night, and will do a straight copy of that to here with a few extra pics in a few days time.

Finally, I have one more photo to take of Albus for this years antler growth series. He is in tatters at the moment, so should be completely clean come Friday when the next photo is scheduled. I will most likely put all the series up here, with just a few choice ones on the main blog to show the growth  of the antlers.

Very small baby Adder

Anyway... Three of the last few pics I took are here. The top one and one above show one of our baby adders... Look how tiny they are! Neither are that great, but both show how small they are with one curled up on a bramble leaf to bask in the sun, and the other at the base of a fairly small log on the sand.

Water Shrew, Neomys fodiens

And a water shrew portrait I got the other day for a blog post that never came to. The shrews are exceptionally difficult to photograph where they are... It is dark, they are constantly moving, it is through glass in a tiny vivarium. This was the best I could manage.

Not to get too technical, but this was taken at ISO 3200 on my D300s. Yes it is a little noisy in the background, but any lower and the image would have been blurry. A lot of people are wary of pushing the ISO up, but I would rather have an image with a bit of noise than no image at all.

Thanks for looking.

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