Thursday, 4 September 2014

BWPAwards Ceremony

Hedgehog in Bluebells - Shortlisted for BWPA 2014
f/2.8,  1/200,  ISO 800

The morning after the BWPA prize giving at the Mall Galleries in London... I very nearly didn't go, in previous years I have taken the day off to visit London, but yesterday was working. In the end I made a rush decision and jumped on the train at 6.15pm and managed to get to the Galleries for just after half 7... an hour after the doors opened, but luckily it sounded like the presentation had only just begun.

My first stop was to say hello to a few people I recognised, and then to the exhibition itself. All I can say is wow! I am not part of the exhibition this year, but the photos that make it up are amazing and show a real variety in showing off British wildlife. Really worth a look if you get a chance.

Over the evening I had so many people come up who recognised me from the BWC, lovely of them to say hello, and great to realise how we are really becoming a staple name amongst wildlife photographers as a great place to see and photograph British Wildlife.

I had heard rumours before this years awards that they were rally wanting something special if they were to include captive photographs in the book/exhibition, rightly so I think too, and this seems to be true with at first glance only 3 I can see that are labelled as captive. One of the others being our very own Frodo in the Junior category by Mya Bambrick. Well done Mya!

Tawny over Bluebells - Commended BWPA 2014
f/3.2,  1/500,  -1/3,  ISO 800

I have entered this competition since I first heard about it, and have been lucky enough to be commended or above in all the last four years I have tried. If I remember correctly, 11 images short-listed and 6 chosen... not a bad hit rate. I have a couple lined up for next year already which I have taken over this summer.

Chris Packham was on top form as always, making the presentation more of a show with slightly tangent talks about the WWF, Badger Cull, Native species and more. I don't really have what I would call "heroes" in my life, I lead my own way, but I have people I admire greatly and inspire me. And Chris is certainly one of those. Being a supporter of what we do and a friend of the Centre, Chris has been here many times for film work and to take photographs, and I thoroughly enjoy helping him each time he is here. His passion and enthusiasm for wildlife and photography is infectious and always switched on, and certainly something I hope I have in some small way in all I do.

Anyway, under each photo is the techy stuff behind the photographs for those that have asked for that for the tawny one above. Please do support the BWPA by entering or visiting the exhibition if you get the chance. I know I bang on, but great photography really is a great way to raise the awareness of our often overlooked wildlife. The BWPA shows it off to its best, and makes people stop and look at British wildlife and shows how it is just as amazing and beautiful as the exotic animals you usually see dominating other competitions.

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