Thursday, 2 October 2014

Little Owl Wall

The Wall

The "Wall"!..

Often mocked and belittled, but much loved after spending just a little time with it. It has been through a few incarnations over the past few years, and currently above it is on its third lease of life.

We use this as one of our sets/perches for our little owl on our owl photographic days, and the reactions are often quite fun from the photographers. Some get on with it and seem to see the potential from the start, others seem to take some photos out of pity and just to not make us feel bad and I have even had some in the past not take any photos at all. But given a little patience and imagination, and it really can be a great set which leads to some nice photos.

Little Owl, Scrappy

Of course you can get some nice closeups of one of our little owls, Scrappy in this case, sitting nicely in the gap in the wall.

He loves his wall

But it's real beauty is shooting from an angle. If framed right this can look as if it is a section of a long wall going off in to the distance.

Scrappy doing his "Harry Worth" Impression

Angled even more extreme and you can get some quirky little portraits.

Little Owl Peeking

And it has been built, thrown together, in a way that in can be used from both sides.

Evening Little Owl

Not bad for a pile of a few old stones.

Thanks for looking.

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