Friday, 28 November 2014

Otters with Trout

Jake eating trout

Just a quick one today... A member to the Centre, Bob Matthews, very kindly brings us in trout occasionally to feed our otters. I wish I took a photograph of them in the tray now as they were the biggest trout I had ever seen! Thought we would treat the otters and see what they made of them.

They loved them of course, and they kept them going for a couple of days!

They all took them off and ate in private, and the light had gone, but I was pleased with these as record shots.

Above is Jake in the reeds, I nearly rolled into the water getting this one, but it worked out well. Got a series of these with him eating the trout.

Lilly eating trout

This is Lilly with hers above.

Emmy with trout

This is Emmy taking hers, jus tot show you how big they were!

Emmy taking trout

Thought she would struggle, but she took it with ease.

Emmy eating trout

And ate it happily on the island until Elwood came and stole it from her.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Lovely set of shots, very lucky Otters