Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pine Marten; Drogo

Drogo the Pine Marten

Most of you will know we welcomed two new pine martens to the Centre at the end of last year. Now with the evenings beginning to, ever so slightly, draw out it gives me time to start working on them to become a bit more friendly, used to cameras, and eventually hand feed.

Daenerys is a non starter at the moment... very shy, and off display. She is a project for another time. But Drogo, above, has been settling in very well to his new enclosure.

He comes out most afternoons, and if not too active you usually see him with his head resting on the entrance to his nest box keeping an eye on the comings and goings. He readily comes out while we are in there feeding him too, but keeps his distance for now... i don't think it will be too long though till he is confident enough to come close.

These photos are nothing too special, and all a bit samey, but I am just trying to get him used to me getting closer and the noise of a camera etc at the moment. Hopefully something more special will arrive in time.

Three were taken through the inch gauge wire, but I don't think you can really tell... The others I was in the pen with him.

You may notice he is missing a bit of fur on his head. Nothing to worry about, that is just where he was fur clipped at the New Forest for recognition before coming to us. Spoils the photos a little, but it will grow back and he will be as handsome as ever!

"This content is created with the Samsung NX1, which has been provided by Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd."

This last one was taken on the Samsung NX1, and was actually the first one I got of him. It was a very dull evening then.

And what of Samsung?.. Best not ask :-) Still waiting...

Thanks for looking :-)

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