Friday, 24 April 2015

Samsung NX1: ISO Performance

ISO 100 Full frame

Some lovely feedback from the NX1 posts, thank you, only a few more to go then back to just sharing extra photos from around the BWC! :-)

This is an extra post I am putting up today. I had a few people ask me to show the photos at an ISO of less than 400, and at the highest setting of 25600, so thought I would do all values. 

For the non photographers out there, may be best to skip this post... it is nine photos of the same thing, with another nine showing a 100% crop. Probably a bit boring, but check back in next time to see some photos I use to show of the frame rate. Probably up live over the weekend. 

For the photographers out there... I was asked to show different ISO's on the same photo and crop. The different photos I used in the last post I admit make it harder to compare as different image and crops, my mistake on the second bit, so here is a fair comparison.

Firstly, all these photos were taken within a minute and are all straight from camera with no editing done what so ever... except the obvious crop to show each one at 100%

Secondly, although a rather bland photograph, I deliberately chose this to show noise in the detail and the blacks of the image.

Thirdly, all shot as single shot so that I could select the higher ISO values. Full frame meter, aperture f/8, exposure -1.3 and at 150mm. 

Finally. It goes with out say really, but "All this content was created by the Samsung NX1, which has been provided by Samsung Electronics. Co. Ltd."

So photograph above is ISO 100, and the 100 crop below. I have said my thoughts on the ISO in my previous post, so will leave this up to you...

ISO 100 Crop

 Next two photos at ISO 200...

ISO 200 Full frame

ISO 200 Crop

 Next two at ISO 400...

ISO 400 Full frame

ISO 400 Crop

 Next two at ISO 800...

ISO 800 Full frame

ISO 800 Crop

 Next two at ISO 1600...

ISO 1600 Full frame

ISO 1600 Crop

 Next two at ISO 3200...

ISO 3200 Full frame

ISO 3200 Crop

 Next two at ISO 6400...

ISO 6400 Full frame

ISO 6400 Crop

 Next two at ISO 12800...

ISO 12800 Full frame

ISO 12800 Crop

 Last two at ISO 25600...

ISO 25600 Full frame

ISO 25600 Crop

OK, i will give my thoughts again :-)

Overall I am impressed. Even up to 6400 I would be happy with for smaller res images for websites etc when full frame, maybe not cropped, and happy up to 3200 for any use. Of course, the lower the better and that does show.

However, even 12800 and 25600 when full frame are not that bad, and passable for web sharing. Obviously a lot of noise is there, and obviously more noticeable at 100% crop, but at the end of the day as I keep telling people, if you have to use a higher ISO, do!.. Don't be afraid to push it. Much better to have a sharp image with some noise, than no image at all.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Nice example Matt of what the camera is capable of :) I must say i have been more than happy with it myself.

    1. Hi Andi, thanks. Yes me too, very impressed with the camera all round. Yes it has it's faults, but then when is ever anything perfect :-) I look forward to using it alongside my other cameras for years to come.