Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Fantastic Mr Frodo

Sadly one of our longest standing residents, Frodo the Fox, passed away to old age last week. He was one of the animals that has been here at the Centre the entire time I have been, and for the past 11 and 1/2 years we have worked closely together.

I won't say too much here, but you can read a bit more about him on the official blog post. All I will say is that he is arguably the most photographed fox in the world! Without him ever realising, he is leaving a lasting legacy which will remain for years to come. His image appears on printer ink cartridges, pub signs, posters, magazine, books and all over the internet fo both amateur sharing and professional use.

Frodo was a true ambassador for not only foxes, but British wildlife too... he will be missed by many people, but his image will remain iconic for many years.

Looking through my images, I actually have very few of the most photographed fox. But thought I would share a few of my favourites here. Above is the last photograph I took of him earlier this year in the summer.

Panning running motion from one of our photo days.

The classic fox stalking pose. 

Intense summer stare.

Close up wide angle.

Softly back lit.

Side profile.

And due to the winter, best end with a snowy one. 

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Rest in Peace Frodo,

    love the Pictures, must be a great fox ... have wet eyes in this moment ... :( ....

    Greetings from Germany