Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bess in the Bluebells

Bess in the Bluebells

Well, I'm still waiting for the adders to start dancing... and while waiting the bluebells in our woods have started to emerge. Not quite at their peak yet, but certainly good enough for some photography.

We had a group that was lucky enough to be booked on to a photographic day with our owls earlier this week, so I wanted to check out the bluebells for myself to get an idea of some places where we could set the owls up to add a bit of colour to the images. I didn't have time to have a real good session, and no help to pose owls, so I took Bess along to be an honoury owl for the morning :-)

The good news is that the bluebells are looking good, not at their peak, but still good. The bad news is that in terms of spread, it is the worst I have seen them! Normally a carpet of blue falls over our woodland, but this spring sees it more sparse with only small patches here and there.

This means no nice wide lanscapey type pictures, but for just the bluebells a few close ups were white nice. I think we have more white bluebells this year than before, so I took a couple of those too.

In the patches we do have though, it is possible to create some nice photos that add colour to the images.

We have our competition winner from a couple of years a go visiting this afternoon for exclusive photo day, so I am sure we will make the most of them today and hopefully I will be able to share some owl photos in the bluebells with you next week.

But Bess was a good model, posing nicely, and seemed to enjoy it down there.

Thanks for looking :-)

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