Monday, 9 May 2016

Ten Favourites from 2015

"Could it be, the most beautiful animal in the world..."

Someone mentioned to me that I did a post on my favourite photos of 2014 at the beginning of last year, would I be doing the same again?.. Truth is, I didn't remember and never plan posts for this blog. But since asked here are ten of my favourites, which would possibly change if I chose them again tomorrow :-)

Of course, I have to start with a pine marten. Why?.. Because it's a PINE MARTEN! Look how handsome he is!

You may remember that the beginning of last year saw me using a Samsung for a while, this is one taken on the NX1 in the snow. Well, when I say snow, I mean sprinkling of white stuff... not much at all. 

We have a pair of kingfishers on our reserve. At the end of the winter last year, this little one visited our otter pond almost daily for about 2 weeks. 

Didn't do any Spring time publicity images this year, but normally do for the office. This was the one they picked for last year. Complete set up of course, but a pretty picture I think. I like the reflection of hello on the mouses chin. He must like butter... no wait, that's buttercups isn't it...

Arguably my favourite photo from last year, and one I was really pleased with. Got no where in competitions though... not even shortlisted. I love the scale it shows between mother and baby, and the scale of scales :-)

I could of done ten just of the adders dancing. Choosing just one, I went with this just because it is different. Not sure if it is my favourite I got last year, but certainly most unusual. Not seen this behaviour caught on a fish eye lens before.

Talking fish eye. I had to include one of Bess... Here she is in the bluebells last year, taken through a fish eye. 

The most beautiful owl in the world, sadly no longer with us. This is Fawkes, our old short eared owl. A photo I had in mind and wanted to take for a while, and finally got the chance last year. So glad I did so that I now have this to remind me of him.

You know I like colour, so here is one of Hugo in the autumn leaves. Hugo is an absolute star, the best hedgehog we have ever had in terms of photography and education. Hand read as a rescued hoglett by keeper Big Tom.

I have a few snarling wildcat photos, but am still waiting for that one that really stands out from the rest. I have it pictured in my mind, but it takes time, patience and luck. I did like this one though of Macavity I caught at the end of last year.

So there you go, ten of my favourites. Oh wait... How about one more, how could I forget this beautiful image from last summer...

Um, yeah... the day Meg turned the mink pond bright green! :-) I had a very worried radio call to go and see her at the mink enclosure, but when I saw it I just burst out laughing... Needless to say, Meg had a busy day sorting out that little mess :-)

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Great selection of remarkable pics, Matt. Keep 'em coming PLEASE .....

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